Our offer

Our offer

We operate in Poland, Europe and globally to provide our Clients with product solutions and reinsurance capacities for all types of insurance risks

We are flexible and able to create products for every industry, even the most challenging one, while offering very attractive pricing. Long-standing presence on the international financial markets have given us access to the most reliable institutions.


Our goals

Our goal is to find the most attractive insurance solutions for our Clients to cover their business activities.

We feel very satisfied considering the number of performed projects, the difficulty of which increased as the projects developed, where positive completion required flexibility and non-standard approach on our part.


We provide our clients with continuous support and assistance in risk management.


We focus on complete insurance services for medium and large-sized economic entities, where the group of our clients includes mining companies, together with Polish coalmines, as well as production and commercial groups.

Using our expertise in Polish and international insurance markets as well as experience of team members, we continue to develop portfolio of corporate clients in numerous branches of industry.

For capital groups or entities managing a number of companies we search for savings in scope of insurance associated with standardisation of insurance policy and strict management control of insurance policy for all entities within the group.


We are able to prepare reinsurance solutions guaranteeing Fincon unique position in relationships with insurance companies covering national and foreign industry, which is characterised by significant loss record, as well as high liability limits and small possibilities to accumulate risk both on part of policy holders and insurance companies.

We have long-standing experience in arranging reinsurance for Polish industry and within this period we have worked out excellent relations on this market. Our specialty refers to specialised programs tailored to individual needs of our Clients.

We use the potential of Lloyd’s of London as well as reinsurance companies from continental Europe and other reliable reinsurance markets – Japan, USA, Bermuda.

The basis for every insurance contract is concerned with developing risk portfolio and sale on international reinsurance markets.



We are a broker company operating since 2003. Successively we carry our activities on insurance and reinsurance market. Our business encompasses the entire area of Poland while developing portfolio of corporate clients, including mainly medium and large-sized enterprises, also listed in public trade in securities.

Our team includes experienced brokers specialising in particular areas. We use the know-how and potential in everyday co-operation with the Client, to assist in identification and evaluation of risks associated with conducted business activity.

The main task of a broker is concerned with complete assistance in conclusion of insurance contracts providing best cover for business activity at the lowest price.

We also support our Client in transferring risks associated with conducted business activity into insurance solutions, we advise on third-party liability, CAR/EAR risks, technical risk assessment, use of public procurement law in tendering procedures associated with insurance purchases and effective reduction of insurance costs.

More than 200 small, medium and large-sized companies, both private and state owned, have trusted us. We have settled hundreds of problematic claims and we have introduced unique product solutions to the Polish market.


Areas of activity

Insurance audit

We collect all insurance documents functioning thus far to enable inventory of insurance policies, characterisation of occurring risks, familiarisation with the existing scope of cover, setting the direction of desired changes and adjustment of insurance periods.

audyt ubezpieczeniowy

Preparation for risk survey

Appropriate planning is crucial so that risk survey is beneficial for a company. Our experience allows to indicate key areas of interest and point out potential inadequacies in scope of e.g. fire protection, burglary and theft protection or place of work organisation. Such meeting enables overall company preparation ahead of risk survey.


Preparation of insurance program

Insurance program is created as a result of joint efforts of the Broker and a Client so that it most effectively meets insurance needs according to the individual requirements of the Client


Collecting offers from insurance companies

Offers from insurance companies constitute a response to the broker’s enquiries which precisely indicate terms and conditions, scope of liability, deductibles agreed beforehand.


Preparing and conducting procedure to select insurance company on the basis of public procurement act or internal regulations

Ordering party interested in commissioning public procurement proceedings to an insurance broker may appoint the broker as a member of tender commission. Only professional entities handling insurance are able to determine conditions and criteria resulting in legally valid selection of an advantageous offer.


Reports with propositions from insurance companies

Reports with received offers provide Clients with precise information about the subject, scope and price of insurance from particular insurers. Expertise in insurance market and broker’s brand recognition on the market are highly significant elements of this task.


Drafting insurance contracts

Standard terms and conditions of insurance do not satisfy Clients’ expectations and so insurance contracts are largely modified. A broker introduces clauses and provision modifications while reviewing general terms and conditions in detail. As a result, individual terms of insurance adjusted to the Client’s needs are created.


Introduction of simplified loss adjustment procedures

For some types of insurance it is possible to simplify processes in the form of e.g. collective loss notification once per month – thus allowing to avoid complex bureaucratic procedures and receive compensation without unnecessary formality.


Code of conduct in case of loss occurrences

Insurance terms and conditions specify rules and periods for loss notification. In order to familiarise all relevant company staff with these principles we prepare loss notification instruction, so that everyone knows exactly the code of conduct in case of loss occurrence.


Participation in loss adjustment proceedings

Our experts – brokers, loss adjusters and lawyers – take care of appropriate loss adjustment process, using all available legal measures to achieve compensation due to the Client, when necessary.


Supervising timely payments of premium and compensation

A broker supervises compensation payments so that these are paid within the periods determined in the Civil Code. It is particularly important in case of medium and large losses, where delay in compensation payment may affect financial liquidity.


Settlements with insurance company in scope of fixed assets acquired and liquidated by the Client

We carry out settlements with insurers in scope of acquired and liquidated assets to ensure new purchased assets are automatically covered and liquidated assets are not charged with premium (optimisation).


Periodical reports on insurance

Within agreed periods we prepare reports on the course of insurance thus the Client can control insurance cover continuously.


Broker clauses

To essentially improve insurance cover within the existing general terms and conditions broker clauses may be introduced (representatives’ clause, liability clause, loss adjustment clause or extension of premium payment period). In this aspect Fincon use original clause wordings.



Trainings for the Clients’ employees are a highly important element of our cooperation with the Client, to obtain actual results out of the insurance program through increasing awareness of the scope of cover, and potential use in loss situation, understanding consequences associated with failure to meet the standards required within the insurance terms and conditions, familiarising with the type and price of insurance cover, which may affect company’s financial result.