We understand the complexity and scale of problems associated with providing cover for large-sized enterprises therefore we concentrate our efforts on three crucial areas which are the most important from our clients’ point of view:


We take over all aspects associated with insurance, that is, we analyse and assess possible risks, we evaluate current effectiveness of insurance cover, we create insurance portfolio, we monitor changes that affect insurance conditions and we handle claim adjustment procedures.


Since we bear in mind the scale of undertaking, as well as, the large number of variables which influence risk evaluation and insurance agreement costs, we put particular emphasis on reliable assessment of plausible risks. At the same time, we search through the international reinsurance markets to find the most advantageous conditions which guarantee the best coverage for our clients.


We are aware of particular consequences related to conclusion of insurance agreement covering property and interests of our Clients, oftentimes amounting up to billions of zlotys. Taking into consideration level of risk and responsibility which rests upon our clients and upon us as their broker as well, we emphasise significance of trust creating mutual understanding of intentions and motivations. Trust comprises simple rules of insurance project management, cooperation and good communication, as well as, transparent terms of remuneration.