Being a broker who specialises in industry insurance means for us, above all, providing our clients with constant support and assistance in risk management area.


Taking into consideration the sense of mutual relations based on trust, our clients may choose between two forms of payment for our services. In the first form, our remuneration is incurred by the Insurer on the basis of transparent rules which are available for the client at any time. In the second form, the costs of project service are incurred by the client in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.


The main task of a broker is concerned with comprehensive assistance in conclusion of insurance agreement which gives the best coverage for the lowest costs. We know that time is of great importance therefore we optimise the process of searching for potential insurers and reinsurers owing to our good knowledge of the national and international insurance and reinsurance markets. Consequently, despite the type of risk and the value of insurance agreement, we immediately undertake negotiations with partners who offer the maximum benefits and value added – we shorten the period of insurance construction and we limit costs. Being aware of various solutions offered at the markets we conclude partner contracts with other brokers acting at the Polish market and at the international markets as well. Owing to our experience, our foreign partners from the Central Europe are able to gain solutions for our shared Clients.


Apart from risk evaluation and negotiations in scope of terms and conditions of agreements, we are responsible for monitoring the course of policy. This refers to verifying potential changes undergoing in an enterprise with provisions of an agreement and possible renegotiations of terms with insurers. As a broker we also handle claim adjustment procedures, where it is our obligation to obtain the highest amounts of compensation for our client in the shortest period of time. Throughout our insurance history we have participated in adjustment of losses valued for tens of millions zlotys having completed the adjustment under standard procedures or following conclusion of a settlement which satisfied our Clients.