It is often the case that risk evaluation of a large-sized enterprise is high enough to exceed the capacities of the national insurance companies.


Therefore, we are currently present in the global insurance/reinsurance centres where we have the possibility of direct cooperation with the most powerful companies of the branch. Direct everyday contact with the world’s leading reinsurers gives an opportunity to monitor risk management costs on a constant basis and create insurance agreements having the most advantageous conditions – with regard to financial matters and coverage, as well.


The basis of every insurance agreement is concerned with preparing a risk portfolio and sale thereof at the international reinsurance markets. Owing to our experience in this area, we are a profitable and trusted partner for the national insurers who cooperate with us in order to create the final product, using our frameworks of coverage funding. The structure of an agreement which exploits international and local insurance companies allows for creating solutions with higher insurance sums and lower premiums.