Direct contact with clients is provided by Lloyd’s accredited brokers. They work as advisors, negotiate insurance terms and conditions with underwriters (underwriters do not have direct contact with the clients), provide insurance services within the policy period. Fincon is the only Lloyd’s broker in Poland and in the Central and Eastern Europe (no.: FIN/1343; Presence of coverholders is the specific element of Lloyd’s structure. These are business representatives of particular Lloyd’s syndicates and managing agents, who accept risks in scope of one or more insurance lines for the benefit thereof. Coverholders in Poland have the status of insurance agents and are registered by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.


Lloyd’s is generally represented in our country by the Lloyd’s Polska Sp. z o.o. The company does not carry out direct insurance business operation, whereas it is the keeper of Lloyd’s licence at the local market, a partner for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, recipient of complaints and summons, Lloyd’s representative at the Polish Insurance Association and it constitutes ‘visible’ expression of Lloyd’s presence at the Polish market. Witold Janusz, the Director of Lloyd’s Polska, appointed in March 2008, has more than 30 years of experience in the Polish insurance industry. More information: